Let’s face it, the Internet is full of porn. Whatever gets you going, it’s out there. And a lot of it is nasty. Really nasty. And although this might be fine for many, some might want to know what they’re in for when searching for erotica.

Erotic Bistro caters to all sorts of tastes and temperaments and gladly helps folks find the adult videos that match their lifestyle (and avoid the ones that don’t). What one person finds hot, another might find shocking or distasteful. Most adult websites make no attempt to discern these differences and mix in their most extreme stuff right along with more conservative fare.  Erotic Bistro sets itself apart from these. We are NOT a tube-site that features a mass glut of indiscriminate porn videos. Instead, we appeal to folks of discerning tastes and make it fun to find the right video for each visitor’s mood.

Erotic Bistro adds ratings under each video, indicating whether they’re best suited for those with conservative tastes or best viewed by the more daring. In all cases, Erotic Bistro never features videos that are abusive to women, violent or revolting. There are enough of those already.

Our ratings come in three notifications: Mild, Hot and Extreme:

♦ MILD: These are softcore videos that leave a little something to the imagination. Although they feature real sex that’s steamier than what you’d find on late-night adult cable programs, they do not contain graphic depictions of vaginal, oral or anal penetration. (Exceptions may include videos that are obscured, blurred, pixelated, ambiguous, artistic or fleeting, depending on the situation). Similarly, the “money shots” are not as gratuitous as those in typical porn and are significantly toned down. Just because these videos are softcore, however, doesn’t mean they’re lame. This category features themes of all sorts, from nude modeling to orgies, but have been shot or edited to remove hardcore material.

♦♦ HOT: These are videos that feature explicit sex acts and come in a variety of themes, some suited for couples, some more risqué. These videos aren’t bound to shock but there’s plenty of hardcore action.

♦♦♦ EXTREME: As the name implies, these videos are for the open-minded and adventurous. They pull few punches, combining graphic sexuality with wild or intense themes . Although you won’t find grotesque stuff like double-elbow fisting on this site, there’s plenty of steam here to make even the most passionate types blush.

A note on our video sources:

All of the videos featured on Erotic Bistro originate from third parties and either stream directly from other sites or are uploaded from users. For a full list of our liability, see General Terms and Conditions.

For content guidelines and more info, see our Prohibited Content page.

To report a video, see DCMA & Takedown.

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