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Legend 4

Erotic Bistro adds ratings under each video, indicating whether they’re best suited for those with conservative tastes or best viewed by the more daring.

Our ratings come in three notifications: Mild, Hot and Extreme.

♦ MILD: These are softcore videos that leave a little something to the imagination. Although they may contain real, non-simulated sex, they do not contain explicit depictions of sexual penetration nor do they depict graphic “money shots.” (Exceptions may include videos that are obscured, blurred, pixelated, ambiguous, artistic or fleeting, depending on the situation). Just because they’re softcore, however, doesn’t mean they’re lame. This category features themes of all sorts, from nude modeling to orgies, but have been shot or edited to remove hardcore material.

♦♦ HOT: These are videos that feature explicit sex (hardcore) and come in a variety of themes, some suited for couples, some more risqué. These videos aren’t bound to shock but they’re hotter than anything you’ll find on Cinemax.

♦♦♦  EXTREME: As the name implies, these videos are for the open-minded and adventurous. They pull few punches, combining graphic sexuality with wild or intense themes . Although you won’t find grotesque stuff like double-elbow fisting on this site, there’s plenty of steam here to make even the most passionate types blush.

Please keep in mind: These ratings are devised merely to inform how graphic the sexual content is, not to give any indication to the specific themes or quality of the videos themselves. For a complete list of actual themes, please see the “Categories” sidebar on the right of this screen (or at bottom on your mobile device).

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